Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ferrari World Design Contest 2011

The winners of the 'Ferrari World Design Contest 2011' have been announced at the ferrari complex in maranello, italy.

The competition challenged students from fifty design schools across the world to create the ferrari of the 'third-millennium man', a hypercar whose design reflects social changes and technical innovation without sacrificing the brand's performance and iconic appearance.
Over the four months from november 2010 through february of 2011, over 400 projects from over fifty schools were submitted to the contest, seven universities of which were shortlisted for participation in the five-month second phase of the event.

First, second, and third prizes for the design award were as follows:

1st prize - 'eternità' concept, by hongik university (seoul, south korea) - kim cheong ju, ahn dre, lee sahngseok

2nd prize - 'xezri' concept, by istituto europeo di design (turin, italy) - samir sadikhov

3rd prize - 'cavallo bianco' concept, by royal college of art (london, UK) - henry cloke, qi haitao.
The jury also awarded two special awards alongside the top three prizes: the 'autodesk technical award for exemplary technical usage of the alias software, which was awarded to the first prize hongik university team, and the 'most unexpected technological solution',
awarded to the team from china's jiangnan university for its 'drake' concept.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guys Who Are Saving The World

John Prendergast
The author, mentor and activist cofounded the Enough Project, a nonprofit that raises awareness of genocide and crimes against humanity.

Zach Skow
As the founder of Marley's Mutts, the animal lover has devoted his life to finding homes for large rescue dogs.

Bishop Walter Thomas
This Baltimore pastor leads a congregation of more than 7,000 members working to increase awareness of water and sanitation issues in Africa.

Yves Béhar
His design firm Fuseproject partnered with the Mexican government and nonprofit See Better to Learn Better to provide free glasses and eye exams for Mexican children in need.

Paul Rusesabagina
He's a hero who saved 1,200 lives during the Rwandan slaughter of 1994 and inspired the film Hotel Rwanda.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are we getting too heavy?

How heavy is your state?

Percentage of obese adults in all 50 states

•Mississippi: 34.4

•Alabama: 32.3

•West Virginia: 32.2

•Tennessee: 31.9

•Louisiana: 31.6

•Kentucky: 31.5

•Oklahoma: 31.4

•South Carolina: 30.9

•Arkansas: 30.6

•Michigan: 30.5

•Missouri: 30.3

•Texas: 30.1

•Ohio: 29.6

•North Carolina: 29.4

•Indiana: 29.1

•Kansas: 29.0

•Georgia: 28.7

•South Dakota: 28.7

•Pennsylvania: 28.5

•Iowa: 28.1

•Delaware: 28.0

•North Dakota: 28.0

•Illinois: 27.7

•Nebraska: 27.6

•Wisconsin: 27.4

•Maryland: 27.1

•Maine: 26.5

•Washington: 26.4

•Florida: 26.1

•Alaska: 25.9

•Virginia: 25.9

•Idaho: 25.7

•New Hampshire: 25.6

•New Mexico: 25.6

•Arizona: 25.4

•Oregon: 25.4

•Wyoming: 25.4

•Minnesota: 25.3

•Nevada: 25.0

California: 24.8

•New York: 24.7

•Rhode Island: 24.3

•New Jersey: 24.1

•Montana: 23.8

•Vermont: 23.5

•Utah: 23.4

•Hawaii: 23.1

•Massachusetts: 22.3

•Connecticut: 21.8

•District of Columbia: 21.7

Colorado: 19.8

Mississippi is the fattest state in the union with an adult obesity rate of 34.4 percent. Colorado is the least obese -- with a rate of 19.8 percent -- and the only state with an adult obesity rate below 20 percent, according to "F as in Fat," an annual report from the Trust for America's Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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