Saturday, October 9, 2010

My New IDOL!!!!! PLEASE, check this video

Her name is Paddy Jones, she's 75 from England but she moved to Spain after she became a widow 5 yrs ago. She wanted to get back to her old passion: dance. She danced since she was 2 ½ and then she stopped at 22, when she met her husband. She went to (her dance’s partner) Nico's academy to learn flamenco but he didn't teach that so he showed her salsa.

So, ladies let's keep moving as you can see age is not an excuse. I believe everything is better with music, everything seen different with music. When I'm stress, sad, or just down - BELIEVE ME, I go in front of a mirror, or my computer, turn on my salsa or merengue's and suddenly my whole world transform, as Ricky Martin said "bailando todo se olvida" (you forget everything when you dance) Amen.

ps. Since we are in the spirit of music take at look at Ricky Martin's video bueno para el dolor o el mal de amores y recuerden bailando todo se olvida!!!! I LOVE MY SALSA/MERENGUE.

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