Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas - What a wonderful time & memories

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. As I get older, I noticed that nowadays I am having mix feelings. (happiness/sadness)
I remember when I was in Nicaragua, surrounding with all my family members (two of my brothers passed away) and being careless, happy with no worries. It was such fun time, very precious moments and I missed that.

Anyway, Christmas time is so special - everyone is so nice, warm, despite the rushing to get ready, to find the perfect gift or "the gift", love is on the air....  Don't forget to enjoy and keep creating wonderful memories!

I wish everybody a great holiday, have a wonderful Christmas and the BEST to you and yours on 2011!

Here are some of my favorite's Christmas songs.

This song is so close to my heart. Everybody who is away from his/her country, or family knows this song.....

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