Friday, April 20, 2012


Today, stop and smell the roses - yes really! The scent of flowers can lift our mood, help us recall happy memories or even just serve as a reminder of the beauty Mother Nature provides.
It’s not just the whiff of flowers that can enhance our mood – aromatherapists have long espoused the benefits of tapping into our olfactory systems. Burning scented candles, infusing pure oils or even the smell of fresh baking can enhance our feelings of wellbeing.

While the fragrance alone can make a difference, the mere act of stopping for a moment to catch your breath will also be beneficial.
Take a moment now to think of something you are grateful for. Take it a step further - make a point of getting yourself into a garden – or even a florist shop – and breathe deeply. Yep, this is the stuff that is okay to inhale.
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