Saturday, June 23, 2012


Sad news for believers in true love. After months of rumors rift, Johnny Depp has confirmed his 14-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis is over.

Then, I cannot stop thinking about what's going on? In this millennium, the long-term love gone? Or simply as we live in a society that everything is driven by technology, we are becoming a bit impersonal to the point that if the relationship is not working out, it's time for a change?

Like a lease, we test it, we use it and if it's start causing problems - time to replace it? What's happening? we are accustomed to have and make everything as easy as possible, as "Syria" in the 
Iphone, which accepts commands and does things for us. But, if something goes wrong and we need to integrate other senses/feelings such as fidelity, loyalty, perseverance, commitment, we don't know how to act and we just give up easily?

Let's change a bit and let's invest a little more on our future and in our relationships even with all its ups and downs. Perhaps, we will start to see more strength in our couples and relationships.

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