Sunday, June 20, 2010

Le Meltdown: France's players act like brats?

They aren't hungry, they are multimillionaires players blessed with fantasy lives many of their fan would give their left legs for. It's unforgivably, they're acting like spoiled brats.
Refusing to train, cursing out their coach, sulking en masse on their team bus, curtains drawn and having fits in view of TV cameras.

"Everyone in the whole world is mocking us now." Franck Ribery says. "I'm furious, becaure we're not playing football anymore."

They are a public figure, they are representing a country is their duties to keep preparing, to do their best, to die trying to win in the field and for that they MUST keep training - they own that to their country, to their fans. They don't want to train? That's is unacceptable!!!!!!

Let's see how France will play in its last Group A match against South Africa....hopefully they will rouse themselves and try to save some honor.

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