Thursday, July 1, 2010

I can shop for FREE??

Now at ADANIAS you can shop for FREE?  How? All you need to do is spread the word about your favorite place to shop ADANIAS Boutique (of course!) and you earn  STYLECA$H. What exactly is STYLECA$H??

Tell all your friends about ADANIAS Boutique and when your friends, family, and acquaintances shop for the first time at ADANIAS and make their first purchase, you will earn $5.00 STYLECA$H for the referral and 5% of your friend's first purchase.

Seems too good to be true, right? How about we take a look at an example of just how simple it is for you to save. Let’s say you refer your friend. She decides to take your word for it, and stops by our store. When she makes her first purchase, you automatically earn spending STYLECA$H. Did I mention that your friends receive 10% off their first purchase? There can’t be anything better!!

Actually… we CAN make it better! Not only do we give you GREAT fashion and deals, we also make it easy for you so you can earn more ADANIAS STYLECA$H! Click "ADANIAS STYLECA$H Referral Cards" to print off a sheet of referral cards, a small card that you can give to your friends, family or co-workers.

Just make sure to write down your name on the card; we want you to get credit for each referral. It’s that easy!! So next time you are out to lunch with the girls, make sure to give them the referral card and enjoy a fun-filled day of shopping! Also, check out all the other great opportunities we have available at our website – all about you tab or click this link

Hope to see you soon!

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